Client Testimonials From The MODE in Akron, Ohio

Success Stories

At The MODE, we strive to treat each of our patients with respect, dignity, compassion, and kindness. We believe that ambition shines brightly when we hear about the great experiences our patients have.

From overcoming addiction to reclaiming their lives, our clients share their inspiring journeys of healing and growth, showcasing the effectiveness and dedication of our tailored approach to treatment.

Clients From The MODE

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My Name is Tehron. I’ve been in the program since around October/November. At the beginning of it all I really didn’t believe in the program or the steps but as time went on I started to follow the steps and really believe, and I started to see a change in everyday life. So I know if I did, you can too.

– Tehron

The MODE helped me to break my addiction through educating me about my addictive habits and how to cope with the triggers in my life. The accountability and commitment to the program at The MODE is what really made the difference in the recovery process for me.

– Frankie F.

The MODE has counselors that will challenge addicts to become the best version of themselves. It is an uplifting and helpful environment that has a positive influence on everyone that attends. The MODE is a place where sobriety becomes reality, and I am grateful that sobriety is my reality today.

– Collin M.

Chris's Experience

I struggled with an alcohol addiction for over 20 years, with a lot of legal, financial, health, and relationship problems along the way from my drinking. I couldn’t continue living that way, but I couldn’t imagine a life without alcohol either. I reached a point of desperation following a drunk driving arrest that fortunately led me to The MODE.

After a very comfortable and non-judgmental assessment, it was recommended that I join their Intensive Outpatient Program which I attended and completed. This addiction treatment program was the missing piece that I needed to finally learn how to successfully live each day without having to escape with alcohol or drugs.

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol problem, I can highly recommend that you reach out to The MODE for hope and help. Recovery is not easy, but the professional and caring counselors there will support you along the journey with a personalized treatment plan like they did for me.

– Chris R.

The MODE is a great place to be. I wasn’t sure at first about being there, but it’s helped me out a lot. I have come a long way, and I’m a lot stronger by being there. I got a lot of help from everyone at The MODE.

- Andrea

The MODE has truly been a blessing in my recovery journey—a miracle that I couldn’t have anticipated. Lisa and the entire counseling team at The MODE are not just professionals; they are passionate individuals deeply committed to their clients’ well-being and future success.

Their support, guidance, and the tools they provide are instrumental in helping me navigate the challenges of addiction and maintain a happy, healthy, and sober life—one day at a time. The MODE’s approach goes beyond conventional methods, offering a foundational blueprint of sobriety that has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible.

Lisa and Team, I am very grateful for your dedication. Your personalized care and the specific tools you share have made all the difference. If you or someone you know is grappling with addiction, I wholeheartedly recommend The MODE. It’s more than a program; it’s a lifeline to a brighter future. Thank you for being there when I need it the most.

– Tommy S.

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